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A simple audio-visual solution for schools…


OpusSolo is a fixed size audio-visual solution designed to meet the needs of small school halls, drama studios and event spaces. Providing sound, lighting and video projection in one simple to use system.

The main benefits
• Simple and easy to understand – most users can
operate the system after a brief induction
• Video projection and sound features are ready to use
• Colour changing lights at the touch of a button
• Secure and lockable – meets security and
safeguarding needs
• Telephone support gives increased user confidence (UK only)
• Full annual maintenance and servicing package
offers peace of mind for compliance issues (UK only)
• Energy efficient

A typical system includes:
• An overhead suspension bar, a pair of powered speakers and 4 Led lights
• Controlled via a wall mounted SoloControl unit
• With Optional projector and screen



Important to the construction industry

OpusSolo has very low impact on building programmes – a complete video, sound and lighting solution that requires a relatively small amount of time on site to install. Its modular nature means it is easy to replicate across multiple sites and easy to support. It also has a reduced requirement for HVAC and is not as hungry for mains power compared to traditional solutions.