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Typical school hall installation

An OpusSystem installed in your school hall offers complete control from the OpusHub. Lighting, Sound and Video are all at your fingertips.

Easily add video and audio to your assembly, act of worship, PE lessons, add light to Drama lessons or light your school play and amplify the performers.
OpusSystem is at home in multi-purpose spaces, whether you want to run a film club, host Zumba classes or something completely different, OpusSystem offers lockable flexibility, give access to only what is needed or unplug and wheel the OpusHub out of the way if it is not needed.

Continuing to add flexibility, if you need more powerful control for your school performance, whether it is lighting, sound or video, it is simple to connect and take control. OpusSystem offers a choice of additional optional connection points to give you an even more flexible space. Either an OpusLink, usually installed in a control room overlooking the performance space or an OpusConnect, an additional connection point for your OpusHub, letting you take control from a different position.