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OpusStudio: The complete school drama studio system

OpusStudio is a complete drama studio solution equipped with the latest low energy technology that will transform any space into a modern Performing Arts Studio. Designed in consultation with drama teaching practitioners, this package delivers a purpose built highly flexible creative environment that meets the curriculum requirements for drama and performing arts key stage 3, 4 & 5.

Providing all the necessary sound, stage lighting and audio visual equipment required, OpusStudio is easy to understand and simple to use.

With a variety of finance options available and including a full OpusCare multi-year warranty and maintenance plan an OpusStudio is a superb resource developed for learning, experimenting and examinations. 

The OpusStudio
package includes:

Easy to use sound system

Stage Lighting at the touch of a button

Permanently-installed overhead grid with lighting, performance sound & video projection

The OpusHub central teaching console

OpusCare Warranty

Optional stage curtain track & stage curtains

The system includes operating guides, telephone support, annual training and maintenance to ensure users get the best from the system.