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  • Can I add other equipment later?

    Yes there are a range of options that can expand the OpusSystem, whether more speakers are required, a wireless microphone or more lighting these options can either be added at the time of initial order or be added later with an additional rental agreement.

  • We have some lighting and sound equipment; can we use this with OpusSystem?

    No, the integrated nature and the ultra-low energy consumption of the Opus means that the system will not easily accept existing legacy equipment. We can either remove existing equipment and dispose of it, alternatively we suggest you re-deploy it elsewhere in the school.

  • Is the system expensive to run?

    OpusSystem has been designed to be ultra energy efficient, utilising 78% less energy than comparative traditional systems. Using less than £270 a year in electricity compared with traditional tungsten lighting based alternatives (savings are approximate and actuals may vary depending on the system selected.)

  • We have a projector already; can we use that?

    It is possible to use an existing projector with the OpusSystem, however introducing an existing projector will mean we can’t support you if things go wrong or be able to offer maintenance or warranty on this element. Our strong recommendation is that an existing projector is re-deployed elsewhere in the school.  

  • We don’t need curtains for our drama studio; do we have to have them?

    There is no need to have stage curtains in a drama studio; however it is well worth considering them. They enhance the ambiance of the teaching space adding atmosphere and positively affect the acoustics, making the space quieter with less reverberance.

  • We have an existing stage; can we use that?

    Yes existing staging will work well with an OpusSystem, assuming that it is in good working order and well maintained there is no reason why it cannot form part of the new system.

  • I have a new member of staff - can they use the Opus?

    Opus is designed to be intuitive and easy to use. Each system comes with an Information Pack and video  to get new users up and running quickly. With 10 minutes familiarisation and the guide most people will be able to easily master the basic operation of the system, if anything goes wrong you can phone us for help and annually we will be happy to train up to four members of staff to use the system.

  • Is the system safe to be used children?

    Yes, Opus is designed to be used by teaching staff and children. There is no reason why children cannot be fully involved with the operation of the OpusHub during a presentation or rehearsal. Opus is electrically tested by our qualified installation teams.